As directed by the Veterinary Surgeons Exemption Order 2015 – all animals seen by any member of Canine Physio must have permission to treat your pet from your veterinary surgeon.

We are more than happy to arrange this for you and we normally have permission from your vets within a week of requesting it from them. Unfortunatley permission must be provided to Canine Physio specifically and a form relating to another rehabilitation centre will not meet the requirements of the law.

In some cases, animals can be seen and treated without veterinary permission, these are normally catagorised as maintenance treatments and relate solely to animals with NO ongoing issues.

At Canine Physio we find that the skills our therapsits carry are fine tuned enough to identify the early onset of issues and compensation, which means once found we would need to cease treatment and engage with your veterianry practice for permission to treat your pet. Therefore to avoid charging a client for an maintenane session that had to be stopped due to the finding of a potential issue, we insist that permission to treat is in place before we see your pet.