Keeping current with industry changes, updates an technology is essential to enable Canine Physio to provide the highest standard of care for your pet.

Indiba is a newer technology to the small animal industry and we are proud to be part of a small group (less than 15) of therapists that have chosen to add this electrotherapy to our clinical practice.
It operates on a set radio frequency of 488kHz and penetrates deeply into the soft tissues, it can be applied in a passive manner which means we do not need to overly handle or position the patient for effective treatment , this makes it ideal or shy or nervous patients.

It can be used in acute or chronic conditions and is an excellent treatment option to assist with the management of pain, inflammation and tissue healing – its unique set frequency and use of a return plate ensures that power is not lost or dispersed away from the target area as it passes through the tissues.

Research in relation to specific conditions can be found at the bottom of this page, please read to learn more

Case Studies

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Treatment of osteoarthritis with Indiba
Treatment of cruciate disease with Indiba
Treatment of spinal cord injuries with Indiba
Treatment of tendon and ligament injuries with Indiba
Treatment of neck contusion with Indiba