Inpatient Physiotherapy Support for Veterinary Nurses

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Launching in 2019

Post operative, recumbent and neurological deficient patients will all benefit from a range of physiotherapy techniques that will aid their recovery and rehabilitation.

It is common for patients to be discharged from their vets with minimal, if any, physiotherapy techniques to support and recover the patient until a referral can be organised to a qualified physio

The purpose of this CPD day is to provide nursing staff with an understanding of the changes that are occurring in the patient and how they can be best supported.

Some of the techniques can be demonstrated and passed on to owners as homework to ensure that the support and recovery of the patient is maintained until a formal rehabilitation program is put in place

We will cover on the day

  • The role of the VN in supporting inpatients
  • The effects of inflammation – Pros and Cons
  • Identifying Pain
  • Assessing the soft tissues
  • Assessing gait patterns
  • The goals of exercise on land and in water
  • Supporting the neurological patient – techniques and therapies
  • Supporting the orthopedic patient – techniques and therapies
  • Developing an inpatient treatment plan


Cost £150.00

6 CPD hours