Introduction to Canine Massage

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  • 6 hour course – certificate of attendance included

This one day course introduces the dog owner to the many uses of canine massage and how to apply specific techniques, some basic assessment takes place so that owners are able to identify problem areas on their own pets.

    • Massage and the law
    • Anatomy as it relates to massage
    • Basic assessment of your dogs muscles
    • The application of the following techniques:
        • effleurage
        • kneading
        • skin rolling
        • cross friction
        • wringing
  • Building a massage routine
  • applying massage to your own dog

You are able to bring one dog with you on this workshop. There are parts of the day where your dog may be required to wait in the car or, space allowing, you may be able to cage them within the venue – please check with us for availability of space