The Culture

Canine Physio has the ethos that every pet should be able to undertake rehabiliation should they need it.

This means that we aim to offer a robust range of treatment options across a number of different therapsits, that our pricing is *flat rate and afforable and that we will see any pet, regardless of its temperament or medical condition.

Every therpaist that works with Canine Physio has the ethos that the patient must be emotionally comfortable with the approach and treatment selection of the therapist. If your pet does not take to one treatment approach, another will be tried. This may mean that you are booked with an additional therapist as the skill set varies widely between them. All therapists have some degree of background in animal training and/ or behaviour so that we can accommodate all patients


*we also offer Acupuncture as a premium service to our clients, in the UK this can only be administered by a Veterinary Surgeon