Lisa Graham Vet. Tech, FdSc, Dip. APhysio, PTTLS, A1 Professional Memberships IAAT, RAMP

Lisa is the Owner and Director of Canine Physio Ltd and undertakes Physiotherapy and Underwater Treadmill treatments

Early on she realised that to provide a full and robust small animal rehabilitation service she would need the assistance of other qualified professionals to ensure the needs of the patients could be met under one referral and one location, this started her journey to developing Canine Physio.

Lisa has been working within the animal welfare and rehabilitation sector for over 30 years and holds formal qualifications in veterinary sciences, animal behaviour and small animal rehabilitation. In addition to working across two Canine Physio locations (Lowton and Stalybridge), she also provides education to the rehabilitation sector for both qualified and student therapists.

In clinic Lisa offers a full physiotherapy and hydrotherpay service with a preference to blend some of the manual physio techniques into the water as she feels this method produces a better outcome for the patient.

Lisa has a wide range of sporting and rehabilitation clients, she undertakes second opinion work from other therapists and have a diverse range of experience with surgical cases that did not meet the expected outcomes

Kimberley HIldrew Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapist Professional Memberships IRVAP


Kim offers Pysiotherapy and Underwater Treadmill treatments

qualified as a veterinary physiotherapist in 2017. Her journey was inspired by her first horse, Casper, who on coming to her, had a number of physical and mental challenges. After seeking help from a qualified Physio at the time, Kim quickly saw the life changing differences the treatments had on Caspers well-being and comfort. It wasn’t long after that Kim decided to pursue her own path into this industry.
She had an ambition to help other owners and animals, achieve the same results she had.

Having worked within a busy referral, veterinary practice as well as an alongside other external centres, Kim has seen a wide range of small and large animal cases. She takes it upon herself each year to expand upon her knowledge with continual professional development courses.

Her particular interest is body conditioning, teaching the animals to use their bodies correctly, and building owner, awareness of correct movement and posture.

In her spare time, Kim works with her own two horses and three dogs and when she feels like she needs some human only time, shes off climbing/ bouldering or when the rare time comes that she needs to stop she tends to her plants or selects a book from her vastly growing library.

Miriam Sykes BSc (Hons), AdvCertVPhysio, MSc (animal Manipulation)

Miriam offers Physiotherapy and McTImoney Chiropractic treatments

Miriam qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist in 2017 and more recently as a McTimoney Animal Chiropractor at the end of 2023. She runs her own large and small animal rehabilitation company but joins Canine Physio on a weekly basis to offer McTimoney Animal Chiropractic treatments from the Stalybridge location.

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Daisy Culley Hydrotherapist


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Gail Chapman Student Hydrotherapist