A first appointment at Canine Physio usually lasts for around 45 minutes. This allows time for the pet to settle into the clinic and for the therapist to undertake a full examination of your pet. The examination will explore the health of your pets: soft tissues, orthoapedic and neurological systems. In addition to the exam, we will discuss a range of aspects relating to your pets condition so that we can better understand how they are affected by it, what you have tried yourself to improve their quality of life, what you hope we can do for your pet and most importantly we need to understand how you want to proceed with your pets rehab journey.

Follow up appointments are normally 30 minutes and will include a more local examination of the affected area, a catch up on how your pet has been since they were last seen and additional discussions about ongoing treatment and progression where applicable.

We do not charge more for our first appointment, and if your pet is nervous / shy we are happy to add a few extra minutes on your appointment so we can effectively treat them within their emotional comfort zone